Beth and Sam's Trip to Australia

July/August 2001

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Sam on the plane at JFK airport

A possum encounter at the Australian Museum. We saw live possums later!

Sam in Hyde Park, Sydney

Mom at Circular Quay

View of the Sydney Opera House

The smallest section of the Opera House

The Opera House roof detail.

The Mandatory Koala Photo-Op.

At least the koalas behaved!


The Dingo

Our favorite- the echidna!

A view of Sydney from the Taronga Zoo

Sunset on the Illawarra Coast

Outside the quilt workshop, a lizard sighting.

Beth and Sam, Illawarra

A waterfall in the Illawarra rain forest region.

Sam with Caroline and Laura Hamilton, St. Ives

Sam on Rottnest Island, WA

A beach on Rottnest Island.

Limestone caves on Rottnest Island.

Sam made a Quokka Castle in the sand.

Sam's first close encounter with a quokka.

Quokkas are gentle little marsupials.

But this quokka's mama did know how to work zippers, and got into Sam's pack!

Sharking behavior at the Natural History Museum in Perth.

Mom too

Flying into Cairns

The Cathedral Tree

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