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BSR Design,Inc.
PO Box 1374
Ellsworth, ME 04605
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Stack-n-Whack™ Seasonal Magic Fabric (1/2 yd. minimum per cut; please list patterns/colors/yardages on back of sheet)



Books* and Video

3 Quilters Celebrate the 4 Seasons


Magic Quilts by the Slice  


 Magic Stack-n-Whack® Quilts  


Stars a la Carte  


Stack-n-Whackier Quilts  


Stack-n-Whack® Instructional Video: Butterflies  


Special Offers and Packages

Magic Quilts by the Slice Companion Set
(15° and 18° Rulers, plus Circle Buddies- $26 value)


Stack-n-Whack Pro Set (45°, 15°, and 18° rulers, plus Circle Buddies- $42 value)  


Rulers and Tools

Stack-n-Whack® 45° Triangle Tool


Stack-n-Whack® 18° Fan Ruler (for 5 wedge fans)  


Stack-n-Whack® 15° Fan Ruler (for 6 wedge fans)  


Stack-n-Whack® Circle Buddies  


BlockButler® Design Wall - 3' x 3'  


BlockButler® Design Wall - 4' x 6'  


BlockButler® Design Wall - 6' x 6'  




Talking Blocks Pattern

Quilter's Rucksack Pattern  


No Time Flat Pack  


Photo Brag Bags Pattern  


Stack-n-Whack® Shadow Box Pattern  


Trailing Starflower Pattern  


Pin Cubbies Pattern  



*All books are signed by Bethany. If you would like a special dedication, please check here and note it on the back of the order form.

Please include a check or money order made out to BSR Design, Inc. We do not take credit cards on mail orders or ship COD orders.

Thanks for your order!

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BSR Design,Inc. Shipping Charges (Within US)
Order Rate
Merchandise total under $10 (patterns only) $1.40 (first class mail) or
$3.85 (priority mail)
Flat Rate Envelope (one book and 1-2 rulers, OR up to 4 rulers and patterns, OR up to 3 yds. fabric) $3.85 (priority mail)
Zoned Rate Package* (This rate is for orders that will not fit in a flat 9" x 12" envelope.)

Please use the online order form . You will not need to supply any financial information to do this. We will email you an order acknowledgement with your total, including shipping. You can then print out the email to mail with your check or money order.

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