Scrap Quilts by the Slice
Students in the 3 hr. class will work on scrap fan blocks with curved outer edges and quarter-circle bases. The fans are stitched to a background square, so there are no curved seams. Students may choose to wait until after class to choose the background fabric and applique the fans.
Fabric Tips: Choose a style of fabrics, such as novelty prints, reproduction fabrics, traditonal florals, or batiks, and bring a variety of fabrics in that category. Fat quarters and "leftovers" are fine. We will choose a wedge size to complement the scale of your fabrics. Bring one or more solid or tone-on-tone fabrics for the trim. For 6-hr. classes, also bring one or more background fabrics. For best results, these should contrast in value with the majority of your wedge fabrics.
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“Irrational Exuberance” quilt top, 48" x 48"
©2003 Bethany S. Reynolds

Detail from “Running Round in Circles”
©2002 by Bethany S. Reynolds.

In the 6-hr. class, students can also try the pointed wedge variation and may choose to work on a fan or circle design. Students will get insight into fabric selection for scrap designs and guidance in working with their own stash.

“Sugar and Spice”, 42" x 42"
©2002 by Bethany S. Reynolds.

“Running Round in Circles”
, 88" x 88"
©2002 by Bethany S. Reynolds.


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