Bethany Reynolds

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Here are some student comments on Bethany's iquilt class...

“Bethany is one of the best teachers I have seen in these on line classes and I have taken and purchased many from multiple sites. She is very detailed and gives you every bit of her knowledge and experience. It's like she gives us all of her books practically in this one class. I was very impressed and am looking forward to getting back into doing some new stack and whacks. The uniqueness of all the different blocks that are created is so exciting and never gets tired. Thank you Bethany” - Beth

“Oh my gosh!! I thought I knew all about kaleidoscope and stack-n-whack blocks - but I sure learned a lot from Bethany!! These blocks have always fascinated me and now I'm even more hooked!!! I have some fabric that would be perfect for these techniques and I can hardly wait to get started. Bethany is an excellent teacher and everything she shows is clear and easy to understand. A great class that I will watch over & over - it is so full of great information and tips. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and was sorry to see it end! Definitely one of the best classes here on iquilt.” - Marlene

“My wife and I work on joint projects on the weekends. Stack n Whack was just pure fun. We spent hours re-arranging the hexagons and the stars-just plain fun!!! Great class, good instructions and just great all around.”
- Bob