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FYI: Planning Bethany's Visit

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Here is a timeline and info to help you plan my visit with your group. Please pass along this information to any other group members who may need it, such as program or workshop coordinators.

12-24 months:
· Provide me with contact and scheduling information, using the form at This gets your information in my database so that I can begin looking for schedule dates.
Important: if the contact person or any of the contact info (such as email addresses) changes at any time prior to my visit, please notify me promptly.
· I will send my teaching info packet. I generally do this via PDF files, but if you have trouble working with PDF's I will provide web links or send a hard copy by mail.
· If you would like to share expenses with another sponsor in your area, please coordinate with them on possible dates and ask them to contact me using the form listed above.
· We set dates for the engagement. It is not necessary to specify workshop choices at this time, but the number of full and half-day workshops should be specified.
· I will send a contract. If workshops have been specified, supply sheets will be included with the contract.
· Return the signed contract to me with deposit.
· In all email correspondence, please include the name of your group and the engagement date (for example, "Waterville QG, 11/05"). This will help me to respond promptly and correctly. If I get an email like,
"We have misplaced the supply list, could you please send a new one?
I will have to spend time puzzling over it and searching through all the Mary's in my files before I can reply!

6-12 months:
· Your group should make workshop selections at least 6 months before the engagement, so that I can send you the appropriate supply sheets. You may want to check with me for new workshop offerings before making a final decision.
· I will list the engagement on my calendar at If you have provided a website URL, the listing will include a link to it. If your organization has booked more than one workshop, I will also put up a custom web page showing the workshop projects and link this from the schedule page. The program contact will be notified of the URL. Please include this info in promotional materials such as guild newsletters. If you wish to have other promotional materials, such as digital photos, you may request these at any time. Unfortunately I cannot provide slides as I do not have a good 35mm camera. Block samples are available for some classes. These may be reserved in advance for one guild meeting. Quilt samples are generally not available, as they are needed for other engagements.
· Confirm the availability of your workshop location. If you have not used the facility before, check for adequate tables, power, and lighting. For safe cutting and student comfort, each student should have at least 6 sq. ft. of table space, or approximately half of a folding 6' table.

2-3 months:
· If I am flying in, I will book my flights about 8-10 weeks before the first engagement date on the trip. I will search for reasonable fares, bill it to my credit card, and forward the receipt to you via email. Please reimburse the airfare promptly so that I can pay the bill when it arrives.
· Once my arrival and departure dates are set, please make a hotel/motel reservation for me. If I am visiting more than one group in your area, coordinate this with the other groups involved to make sure all necessary nights have been reserved.
Hotel requests:
For safety reasons, I prefer a hotel with inside corridors.
A breakfast bar or in-room refrigerator is a big plus! If these are not available, please check to see if there is a convenience store in walking distance where I can get yogurt and juice.
The room should be non-smoking.
Please ask for a quiet room (i.e., not over the cocktail lounge, and if possible, on the side that is farther from traffic.)
If there is no elevator, please request a ground floor room. My large suitcases are very difficult to lug up stairs!
An airport shuttle may be needed if I have an early flight out the day I leave. I don't mind switching hotels for the last night to move closer to the airport.
· If you have chosen a kit class, I will need to know the number of kits needed at least 8 weeks before the class date.

1-2 months:
· If I am flying, I may be shipping in trunk show samples, books, and supplies. Please provide a UPS shipping address. A business address is preferable as the shipping rates are lower than for residential addresses.
· The deadline to cancel a workshop due to low enrollment is 45 days before the first date of the engagement. However, please notify me as soon as possible if you feel there may be a chance of cancellation. If I have already booked flights, your group will be responsible for any change fees incurred.

10 days-2 weeks:
· Please provide me with a phone number (preferably a cell phone) I can use in case of emergency on the day I am traveling to your location. I will also need the name and phone number for the hotel, to provide to my family.
· If I am driving, please send clear driving directions.
· Let me know the number of students registered for each class, so I can be sure to have enough handouts.
· If I am flying, make arrangements for airport pickup. If I will be taking an airport shuttle, please provide me with the info. If someone will be picking me up, please note that I travel with a large rolling suitcase, a large garment bag, and a rolling carry-on bag. The driver should be prepared to help load and unload suitcases weighing up to 70 lbs. Because of the bulkiness of my luggage, a van, wagon, or a car with a deep trunk is best. Otherwise, if the driver brings along another passenger, or if my shipped boxes will also be in the vehicle, it may be very difficult to fit everything in. (I'm small, but I would rather not have to ride in someone's lap!)
Please let me know the driver's name and phone number, and where I should meet them at the airport, e.g. at the luggage carousel or outside at the curb.

During my visit:
Workshops and Lectures:
· For workshops, I prefer to have tables set up in a "U" arrangement, so that all students face the center of the room. If this is not possible, tables may be pushed together in pairs so that students face each other. My least favorite arrangement is lecture style, with students all facing the front. I move around constantly during workshops, so every student will get my attention, provided I can physically get to them.
· It is not necessary for every student to bring an iron, and this often strains the power limits of the facility. There should be an ironing set-up for every 3-4 students.
· I am sensitive to smoke, perfumes, and potpourri. If a person is wearing strong perfume, I may not be able to give her the individual attention I like to provide. Please let students know this in advance.
· For lectures, I will need a microphone, and one or two quilt racks if available. I don't need a slide projector. Please have two tables set up in front of where I will be speaking for the quilts, and one table to one side for sales. If your lecture attendance is usually over 75, please arrange for someone to help at the sales table. We will also need 3-4 "holders and folders" during the lecture.
· Evening lectures: if possible, I would like to speak early in the program, not at the end of a long business meeting. It is hard to put on a good show when I may be ready for bed!

· I have a number of dietary restrictions. I cannot eat red meat, fried foods, or anything with chili peppers. I have to avoid tomato sauces, milk and cream, mayonnaise, and most higher-fat foods.
Also, like most people, there are some things I just don't like to eat! These include onions and mushrooms.
I do eat chicken, turkey, and fish. I can find something to eat on the menu at most restaurants, with the exception of fast food and Mexican restaurants.
· I get to a lot of Applebee's and other chains in my travels. If you have a nice local restaurant or cafe, I would enjoy the change of pace!

"Down Time":
· Traveling is stressful. Please keep this in mind when making social plans for the day of my arrival. I may prefer to just have a light supper and rest in my room for a while, especially if I have a lecture that night.
· If I have some free time in my schedule, I would enjoy visiting local attractions. However, I may also need some time to do paperwork, work on book project deadlines, etc. It's best if these plans can be flexible until I arrive.

At the end of my visit:
· Payment for teaching fees should be made immediately after the last lecture or workshop with your group. I will usually have an expense sheet ready at this time too. Checks should be made out to BSR Design, Inc.
· If I have shipped quilts for a trunk show, I will have UPS labels with me for the Rubbermaid tubs I use. The tubs can be dropped off at any UPS retail counter and no paperwork will be necessary.



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