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Magical Cubes: “Stack-n-Whackier Quilts” Bonus Pattern!
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This design was originally slated to appear in "Stack-n-Whackier Quilts," but had to be cut for space reasons. We didn't realize until later in the layout process that the sample chart on Page 12 is the chart for this design! So it's sort of a "secret bonus project." The block piecing is the same as for "Secret Stairways." It is a nice variation on "Secret Stairways" and an easier layout to alter for different numbers of blocks. For the benefit of my workshop students and readers, I am posting the information here that was cut from the book.

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Magical Cubes

Skill Level: Easy
Finished Quilt Top: 49 1/4" x 61 3/4"
Finished Block Size: 6 1/4"


Fabric Requirements (in yards):

Main Fabric: same as for "Secret Stairways" (pg. 19)

Accent Fabrics: 1/2 yd. each of 4 colors for the size shown.

Inner Border: 1/4 yd.

Outer Border: 5/8 (pieced) or 1 7/8 (seamless)

Backing (pieced): 3

Binding- cut 2 1/2" strips crosswise: 5/8

Cutting Main Fabric A: Follow the "Sample Stack-n-Whack Chart" on page 12. You will need 67 block kits for the size shown in the sample. You will probably be able to cut extras.
Cutting Accent Fabric Triangles: From each fabric, cut (4) 4" strips across the width. Cut strips into (32) 4" squares (10 per strip); cut each square once on the diagonal to make (64) half-square triangles of each fabric.

Piecing the Blocks: Piece the square block units as directed on pages 20-21. Make 59 squares.

Piecing the Half-Block Units: From each of the remaining 8 block kits, sew together one pair of triangles. To four of the units, add B and E triangles. To the remaining four units, add C and D triangles. You can see these half-block units on the left and rights ends of the assembly diagram below, in the second row from the top and each alternate row.

Assembling the Quilt

Arrange the blocks according to the quilt assembly diagram. To create the illusion of cubes, the blocks are staggered one half-block in alternate rows, with half-blocks filling in the sides. Rotate the blocks in alternating rows, so that the "B" triangle in the squares shifts from the upper left corner in the first row, to the lower right corner in the second row, then back to the upper left corner, and so on.
Sew the vertical seams in each row, then sew the horizontal rows together.

Adding the Borders

The borders have butted corners. From the inner border fabric, cut (5) 1 1/4" strips across width, or (4) 1 1/4" x 58" lengthwise strips. For borders cut across the width, piece the strips together into one long strip. Measure the quilt top down the center and cut two borders this length. Sew the borders to the long sides. Measure across the width in the center of the quilt, including borders, and cut two borders this length. Sew them to the top and bottom.
From the outer border fabric, cut (6) 2 1/2" strips across width, or (4) 2 1/2" x 59" lengthwise strips. Measure, cut and sew the outer borders in the same fashion.

   ©2001 Bethany S. Reynolds

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