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What’s Stack-n-Whack®?

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For basic instructions, read the ARF tutorial page or

Download the "Stack-n-Whack® Basics" PDF, Bethany's free cutting and pinning instructions.

Stack-n-Whack is an easy way to create quilt blocks with unique kaleidoscope designs. These designs require a set of identical pieces cut from a print fabric. Rather than finding and cutting each piece individually, a quilter can cut and layer a number of large, identical print rectangles to make a stack.

Stack of six layers

Each triangle or wedge cut from the stack produces a block kit, a set of identical pieces that will create the kaleidoscope effect for one block.

finished fan block

To see some of the magical effects possible with this process, visit my Workshop pages.

Each of my books includes step-by-step photos for the layering and cutting steps, along with complete project directions.

Newcomers to this exciting method are often concerned about fabric selection. While this step is an important one, it’s not hard! For guidance, read through the fabric selection chapters in one of my books before shopping. You can click on the page numbers below to view the fabric selection pages in “Stack-n-Whackier Quilts.”

View Page 1 / View Page 2 / View Page 3 / View Page 4

If you are taking a class with me, be sure to check the Workshops page. I have specific fabric suggestions for some designs.

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