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Please ask for these books at your local quilt shop. For convenient online shopping, use the Amazon links below, or visit one of the vendors linked from our Cool Stuff page.

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A dozen new projects for quilters of all skill levels, plus 10 mini-workshops to make your quilting time more fun and more productive!

3 Quilters Celebrate the 4 Seasons

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Three designing friends collaborate to make quilts for each month! Enjoy Stack-n-Whack® designs by Bethany; three-dimensional Appli-bond flowers, birds and fish by Joan Shay; and unique "Quilts of Illusion" by Karen Combs. A year's worth adventure and quilting fun!


 Magic Quilts by the Slice

This book is OUT OF PRINT. We have no remaining copies. You may be able to find it through the resellers or on eBay.

For fan quilts and other designs based on wedge shapes, see Bethany's newest book, Stack-n-Whack®ipedia.

 Stack-n-Whackier Quilts cover

Stack-n-Whackier Quilts
Another Magic Stack-n-Whack® Book

Twelve new projects with the same easy-to-follow format as Magic Stack-n-Whack® Quilts. This book covers basic Stack-n-Whack methods as well as Stack-n-Select and Magic Mirror Image techniques to expand the possibilities. A must for every rotary quilting fan’s library!

AQS, 2001. Suggested Retail $21.95

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Stars a la Carte cover

Stars a la Carte
with Magic Stack-n-Whack® Bonus Projects

This book is OUT OF PRINT.

The Ebook version is available for digital download through AQS.

A “user-friendly” approach to the classic LeMoyne Star block! Piece it without set-in or “y” seams. The book features a variety of interchangeable blocks and settings, in 6" and 12" block sizes. A special Stack-n-Whack® section details Bethany’s hallmark technique- try Stack-n-Whack stars in any of the settings!

AQS, 2000. Ebook Retail $12.00

 Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilts cover

Magic Stack-n-Whack® Quilts

The book that started “Stack-n-Whack Fever”! An introduction to this exciting method for producing kaleidoscope blocks with a single print fabric, using easy rotary cutting techniques. A best-seller in the quilt world since its publication in 1998.

AQS, 1998. Suggested Retail $19.95

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