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Instructions included for this 48" x 54" "Bow Tie Fans" quilt.

Stack-n-Whack® 18° Fan Ruler

Easy-to-Use Acrylic Ruler for 18° Wedges
Make 5" to 12" Fan Blocks with Five Wedges per Fan
Use for 20-Wedge Circle and Dresden Plate designs too!

Try it for Stack-n-Whack® fan and circle designs, as well as for scrap fans and other variations. Illustrations show strip cutting, scrap, and selective cutting methods, plus instructions for finishing the fan blocks with folded points and quarter-circle bases.


Fan Throw Quilt

Instructions included for this 48" x 65" throw quilt .

Stack-n-Whack® 15° Fan Ruler

Use this ruler to cut 15 degree fan wedges for 5" to 12" six-blade fans blocks. Try it for Stack-n-Whack® kaleidoscope fans, as well as for scrap fans and other variations. Illustrations show strip cutting, scrap, and selective cutting methods, plus instructions for finishing the fan blocks with fabric trim and simple straight-stitch appliqué.


cutting fan wedges

click here to view the Fan Quilt Strip Cutting Tutorial

cutting wedges selectively

click here to view the Fan Ruler Scrap and Selective Cutting Tutorial

fan block

click here to view the Fan Block Piecing Tutorial

Stack-n-Whack® Circle Buddies

Use this template set to make fabric circles and fan bases with smooth, crisp curved edges. The stencil portion of the template makes it easy to choose the correct size for your project and preview the finished circle- great for selectively cutting novelty prints! Includes 2", 2 1/2", 3", and 3 1/2" sizes to fit most fan, Dresden Plate, and other wedge design projects.

full view 76K

"Through the Spyglass" Quilt Pattern included!



Trellis Star quilt

Instructions for the Cityscape Tiles quilt are now included.

Easily cuts half-wedges for Butterflies, too! butterfly block

Stack-n-Whack® 45° Triangle Tool
Stack-n-Whack 45° Triangle Tool

This tool cuts wedge-shaped triangles that have a 45° angle at the tip, and 67 1/2° angles at the two wide corners. This versatile triangle is difficult to cut with a standard ruler, but you can cut it quickly and accurately with the 45 Degree Triangle Tool! Try it for scrap quilts and traditional designs like the Maltese Cross, as well as for Stack-n-Whack® projects like the Diamond Ring quilts, Butterflies, Meadow Flowers, Roundabout Stars, and more!

Click here for a photo tutorial on the Triangle Tool.


Stack-n-Whack® Pro Set (Mail Order Only)

The complete set for the serious Stack-n-Whack fan!
Set includes:
Stack-n-Whack® 45° Triangle Tool
, Stack-n-Whack® 15° Fan Ruler, Stack-n-Whack® 18° Fan Ruler, Stack-n-Whack® Circle Buddies
$42 ($49 retail value)

NEW! The Stack-n-Whack® iquilt DVD

Learn the secrets of working with fabrics with repeats and create astounding kaleidoscopic designs. Work alongside Bethany to create your own Emerging Stars or Zippy Strippy quilt. This DVD version of Bethany's iquilt class is the perfect solution for taking the class without the need for a broadband internet connection while you sew. Includes patterns to print. Run time 147 minutes.

$24.95 DVD

The Stack-n-Whack® Butterflies Quilt DVD
A Stack-n-Whack® Instructional DVD
with Bethany S. Reynolds and Kaye Wood

By special arrangement with Kaye Wood, Inc., we offer this video of Bethany’s appearance on “Kaye’s Quilting Friends.” On this episode, Bethany demonstrates how to cut and piece the Butterflies from “Stack-n-Whackier Quilts.” A perfect complement to the book for quilters who like to “see it live!”

$17.95 DVD

Butterflies quiltclick for a larger view (144K)

$17.95 DVD

To order the DVD, use our online order form.

We recommend the 45 Degree Triangle Tool for easy cutting of this design.

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