Using the Stack-n-Whack® 15° Fan Ruler: Piecing the fan

 sewing the wedge pairs From a set of six wedges, piece three pairs. Don't press the seams yet.
 the finished fan set Piece the three pairs together. Press the seam allowances toward the right (when viewing the fan from the right side), or from right to left (when viewing the back side). (Or if you prefer, press the seams open.) Check your fan with a square ruler or a gridded press mat. The two sides of the fan should form a right angle. If they do not, you may be able to adjust the edges through careful blocking with a steam iron, but first check to make sure your seams are straight and consistently 1/4".
 adding the bias trim

To make the bias for the inner and outer edges of the fan, cut a strip of fabric across the width, 1" wider than the finished block size (for 12" blocks, cut a 13" strip). Place the 45 degree line of a long ruler on one long straight edge, and cut to establish a bias angle. Cut 1" bias strips by placing the 1" line of the ruler on the angled edge. Press the 1" strips in half lengthwise so that they are 1/2" wide. Take care not to stretch the bias edges.


With raw edges together, apply a bias strip to the outer edge of the fan. Do not stretch the bias trim. Just ease it along the curve.

 pressing the trim under Turn the raw edges to the back of the fan and press lightly.
 adding bias to the inner edge

With raw edges together, apply the bias strip to the inner edge of the fan. Straighten the edge and stretch the bias strip gently as you attach it. Be careful not to stretch the lower edge of the fan. You can do this with either the bias strip or the fan wedges on top; try both ways to see which works best for you.

Turn the raw edges to the back of the fan and press lightly.

 placing on background Lay the fan on a square of background fabric. The fan wedges should meet the edges of the block at the outer edge of the fan. Measure the distance from the top of the fan at the sides to the corners. The distance should be the same on both sides. Block the fan a bit if necessary. If your fan is not square or extends beyond the background square at the inner corner, try blocking it with an iron. Pin the fan to the background fabric.
 stitching fan to background Thread your machine with a thread color that will blend with the trim. Stitch the fan to the background square along the curved edges, stitching in the seamlines between the wedges and the bias trim. Use a presser foot that allows good visibility of the needle.
 trimming block Trim the ends of the bias at the edges of the block. If you like, you can trim out the background fabric behind the fan at this point.
 finished fan block The completed fan block.

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