Tips for Students taking Bethany’s “Secret Stairways” Workshop

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Here's a “Secret Stairways” top in progress on a design wall (red and purple fabrics pinned together). The fabric is a popular Hoffman butterfly print.

Here is a detail of the top. Notice that the blocks at the upper right have been sewn together in diagonal rows. Also notice the partial blocks at the edges. These setting blocks make the“Secret Stairways” setting a little more challenging than the “Magical Cubes”setting.

The setting will be covered during the workshop, and students do not need to choose which setting they prefer until they have made some blocks.



This student chose an even more challenging setting, using a different color in each row of boxes! She pieced one diagonal row at a time to keep the colors organized. Confident advanced students can try their own design innovations like this.

Magical Cubes Bonus Pattern

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