Using the Stack-n-Whack® 15° Fan Ruler: Strip Cutting

For instructions on cutting scraps and selective cutting, click here.

 stacking six layers For Stack-n-Whack® fan wedges, stack 6 identical layers. The layers need to be at least as long as the wedge size you plan to cut. For shorter repeats it may be necessary to use a double repeat.
 cutting strip

Pin the stack and trim crosswise edge. Measure and cut a strip for the desired wedge size. These photos show a 9" strip, the same length as the fan ruler. For wide measurements like this you can butt two rulers together, as shown.


(If you have a few inches left on the stack after cutting the strip, you can cut 2 or more additional wedge sets on the crossgrain.)

 cutting one end of strip with ruler

Place the ruler at one end of the strip. The narrow end of the ruler should line up with one edge of the strip, and the wider end (or for shorter wedges, the line for the strip width desired) should line up with the other edge. Cut along one long side.

*Remember to check for pins before each cut!*

 cutting wedge set Turn the strip so that the cut end is toward you, as shown. (This reduces the temptation to cut “back-handed.”) Cut along the other long edge of the strip. This makes a set of wedges for one fan block.
 cutting more wedges

Flip the ruler around and line up the narrow end on the opposite edge of the strip. Cut to make the second set of wedges.


Continue flipping the ruler and cutting wedge sets. You will usually get ten 9" sets from a 21" wide strip set; a few more for shorter wedges.

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